We believe that oral care should be functional and enjoyable. Like skincare, it’s a time to take care of yourself, not a chore.

We combine the things you love like natural ingredients and travel-inspired flavors into a sleek bottle ready to go when you are.

Brush better with Besh.


Natural ingredients that go beyond cleaning

Formulated around Ayurvedic practices, our toothpaste has clean ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera juice, plus Vitamin E antioxidant and Kakadu plum. That way, you get clean pearly whites plus an extra dose of Vitamin C for immune support.

‍Natural, ethically sourced ingredients

Protecting the earth and respecting its resources is a core value for us. Subscribe and stay tuned for new, exciting, and sustainable collaborations and programs.

Smart cap-free packaging

No more squeezing messy tubes. Our matte bottle is airtight, easy to grip and stands on its own. Simply twist, pump twice then close for the perfect amount every time you brush.


From our founder, Anya — “I was surprised to find a lack of innovative packaging and design for something we use twice a day, if not more. I wanted to create something with not only natural ingredients and exciting flavors, but a product that would transform tedious oral care into a luxurious ritual of self-care.”

“My hope is that our products help you feel refreshed, taken care of and ready for whatever’s next.”